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    Pastor Hollandsworth,
    My name is Florin Hiltz I am a retired Pastor in Merlin Oregon.
    I was mentored for many years by a free grace pastor for lack of a better way to put it.
    So when I read your two books I was overwhelmed with joy and and excitement. I bought six more of the book The End of the Pilgrimage, and I am giving them to friends and fellow pastors. I was a youth pastor for 30 plus year then a Worship leader. Now I am helping with worship in a little free Grace Church in Hugo Oregon the Pastor name is Dan Garland good preacher and pastor, close to where I live. What a great work your books are. Praise the Lord. I have been learning lots of new truth from your books and sermons which I down load. sorry for rambling on here but thank you, thank you, Stay close to the Lord Brother.
    Hope you will write more in the future.

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